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True life of corona-warriors

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Fed up with the term ‘Coronavirus’? I guess we all are! Scared, bruised, suffered from the deadly virus, we tend to hide in the comfort of our homes. But there is an army of real-life-heroes that is always ready to step into the battle for people like us; the world calls them, ‘Corona Warriors’. We are enormously proud of them, but I highly doubt that we do not even know the glimpse of pain they are suffering through or the difficulty level of their duties. Indians are well known for praying idols carved by imagination, and even in this very real case, we are doing the same. Imagining the roles and picturing them through the eyes of the news channel.

This blog is about reality, and it is by some real people and their sufferings. It was my pleasure to interview these real warriors who are fighting every day, in different ways for the safety of normal people. Take a deeper look at their current life situations!

Meet Mr. Gourav Maratha, A social worker & a corona warrior

Social workers are a hope for the backward society today. Where requests include the word ‘government’, relief includes the word ‘NGO’. One of the very hard working NGOs of Indore today is Social Plant Welfare Society. The rising cases in Indore have affected millions, but thanks to people like Mr. Gourav Maratha, no person goes to sleep without food in the city. He is a young founder of the newly registered NGO and has been working towards betterment for a couple of years now. Started with blood donation due to some personal reasons, he and his team have only moved forward and they are successfully distributing food to 2,000 people/day in Indore. With a hardworking team of around 50 volunteers, Social Plant welfare society is marking its name with good words. It was my utter pleasure to interview a 25-year old founder and such a terrific person.

Grab a read about his experiences and thoughts in this difficult time! Click here

Meet Mrs. Preeti Rana, Govt. Nurse, PG student, and a corona warrior

Nurses and doctors are no less than superheroes today. Saving lives, caring about those in danger, and trying to stop the growing pandemic, they are truly doing an impeccable job. Mrs. Preeti Rana (changed name) is currently working as a staff nurse at the biggest government hospital in Indore; Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital (M.Y. Hospital) and is also completing her post-graduation by MSc Nursing. Mrs. Preeti has not only served corona patients but has also gone through an unusual incident. As a nurse and student, she has seen both sides of the nursing profession in this pandemic. She respects her profession and is dedicated to performing all her duties. In this talk with her, she reveals many facts about a nurse’s and a medical student’s life in the ongoing scenario.

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Meet Constable Praveen Upadhyay, Railway Constable & a corona warrior

The front-liners in this battle are the strong standing Police force. While Police have the responsibility to ensure the maintenance of law and order, they are constantly exposed to large troops of people without safety kits. Their troubles and duties do not end here! Police are also held responsible for maintaining the public order of the migrants. I had the opportunity to interview one such police officer who is constantly serving and protecting people on roads as well as railway stations. A young and passionate police officer can see the world differently. After training in many parts of India, Mr. Praveen has now been working in Katani for more than a year. Mr. Praveen Upadhyay is soon-to-be a father, but that hasn’t stopped him from fulfilling his duties and responsibilities. Mr. Praveen talked about his experience as police personnel in ongoing situations. Click here to read his thoughts!

Talking to these real-life corona warriors encouraged me to see this pandemic differently. Not only they deserve our complete respect and faith, but also we need to ease up their pain by following the simple guidelines drawn for our own safety. What are your views about corona-warriors? Let us know!

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