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Sometimes, it sucks to be a writer!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I have dreamt to be a published author since ever, but sometimes, it sucks to be a writer in progress. No offense to the profession and people trying to achieve it! Imagine doing something passionately for the most part of your day and still being asked, “What did you do today?” That’s my life!

Being a writer is considered a hobby more than a profession. And if you are a freelancer or just working on your own, “What are you doing?” will be a common question. Most people that I greet with do not even know that it can be a profession, and those who know tend to think of it as an easy one. I agree that writing is more about passion than a profession but everyone has to earn their bread and butter.

And if you are a journalist (writer), you are assumed to know every bit about the world and it’s ongoing. Yes! Curiosity is in blood but why expect one single person to know everything? It took me 2 years to simply convey that I read, learn, and research a lot but not about the cow milking process. Mooo point, right!

Not just the outside world, writers get underestimated in the media world too many-a-times. They are either required to work on a shrunk up deadline, or any line isn’t good enough. The worst part comes when the client shares a brief of 5 words and expects you to write a 500-word description. Imagination can be a writer’s strong suit, but man! Your company isn’t exactly imaginary.

Do you know what the toughest part about being a writer today is? Content/copy/curator/ digital, there are so many terms linked with the writer that it is really difficult to understand the difference and choose the categories. Most companies have their definition of the word along with a slight change in job responsibilities. The competition is tough and it is not enough to know only your way with words, SEO, WordPress, and many more are the skills that you might need to possess to survive.

Even the closest people to a writer might not understand them, sometimes. Ideas and stories do not come with a notice. That is why they say, that every writer should keep a notepad under the pillow. An idea can strike in the brightest part of the night or dullest part of the day. We just have to be ready! But if a child wakes up in the middle of the night and the family finds them working, they might force him/her for therapy.

We writers are moody, spontaneous, and observe life from a different perspective. Words aren’t just a tool to make money, they are love, they are the way to convey our story. And I can say this for every true writer, that the feeling of jotting down a new concept in words is priceless. I remember the day when I first came up with the idea of my novel after years of search. I literally cried! There may be hundreds of reasons to not be a writer, like financial stability, parent’s approval, growing competition, but when I hold a pen with an idea in mind, being a ‘budding’ writer seems worth everything.

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