• Pranjali pawde

Growing hope!

“Don’t worry you guys will be fine, just hang in there!”,

I tried to console them with every ray of hope I had.

‘You brought them to this house and they are your responsibility’, my mind said. Blooming like a beautiful day and cherishing them like my own kids, I had a special connection with these small trees.

I believed that my hope was brighter than the scorching heat, but somehow that is not how it seemed.

Days went by and they lost their glory,

Not a single green leave could tell its story.

I still watered and talked to them every morning,

Wishing that maybe this day they would be growing

But every night I returned to them with a smile

I was disappointed and angry with the harsh light.

It was a hard time for them which lasted quite long,

Not everybody could stay strong!

Somehow I lost my battle with the sun,

Went back to bed, feeling alone and dull,

For days I forgot about my best friends,

But when I returned, it seemed like a miracle again.

The lost trees had a grown stem,

curly leaves and immense strength.

It’s the sun I lost to, not to the rain,

A few drops of pure love

Helped them gain life again.

Not to forget though,

there was the harsh sun,

behind a beautiful rain!

We all have lost hope at times, but those tough times are the ones that make us thankful for life. After all, without bad, we wouldn't know the good!

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