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Gender stereotypes that we all follow!

I know that as soon as you read the title, you thought ‘not me!’. But I regret to say “yes, you too!” And I will prove my statement by the end of this blog.

A stereotype is defined by the dictionary as a fixed idea about a particular type of person or thing, which is often not true in reality. We as a part of society, especially Indian society are spoon-fed with how certain things should be, like, ‘girls with long clothes and a bindi are “sanskari”. Where the truth is there is no real meaning of sanskari, it differs from one culture to another and surely an outfit cannot describe someone’s character. The word ‘stereotype’ is mostly associated with females but rarely acknowledged by males. Well, not all men!

The concerning part is that most of the time, we don’t even know that we are being stereotypical. This blog isn’t to make you feel bad about the times you presumed something, it is about knowing ourselves and accepting so that we can move on as a society. In today's day and age, the biggest problem is our mentality. And it's high time that we grow over it!

How am I so sure that we all are stereotypical people, even towards men? Well, if you connect with any of these most common stereotypes, you are one of the people.


What image popped up in your head with the word ‘make-up’, a bridal girl maybe? Makeup isn’t associated with men in general. But fun fact, make-up originated with men, though with particularly different reasons but unlike today, in ancient times cosmetics were well-respected by both genders. Straight men can love the colors of lipsticks too!

Another well-associated myth with make-up is that people who aren’t comfortable in their own skin use cosmetics to hide it. I personally am not a fan of cosmetics, but I have a close friend who is a make-up artist (insta: @artofmakeup). And she helped me realize that creating a look is her passion and for her, it is like painting on a canvas. She loves herself and adores her models with or without make-up. So, it’s actually about doing what you love than hiding what you don’t love.


“That time of the month” has to be the most common line heard by women when they act unusually. For a different article, I searched for images related to ‘hormones’ and what I got was a demonstration about periods, pregnancy, or man holding pills (rarely). The female body goes through major hormonal changes but so does the male body. Ever heard about testosterone, beard, or adrenaline rush? That’s all about hormones. Men too act out at times or feel moody. Or is it just that, men don’t get periods every month, so hormones get limited to women?


Before you think about all the male chefs that you know, let me tell you that I am not talking about Masterchef here. Are you a male or you know one who can cook really well? But when it comes to preparing lunch and dinner, every person in the house looks at mother until and unless it’s Sunday and father chooses to cook. Even when mothers are unable to cook, the daughter is automatically in charge of cooking, unless someone volunteers. If that ain’t true in your home, you are truly blessed! But that is the exact scenario that happens at mine.


Now, I know that most of the modern audience does not compare genders when it comes to driving. But some still do! I have a story to share; when I turned 18 and went for my driving license, I asked to apply for a two and four-wheeler. The man behind the counter rechecked my request by asking, ‘you can drive a four-wheeler?’. Then to pass the practical test, I needed to rent a four-wheeler. So, when I asked the rental service guy, he insisted that I first drive for him so that he can be sure that I don’t break anything. And I was also charged Rs.300 extra, just for safety. Obviously, I passed with flying colors. But what hurts is, the next year when my brother went with the same request, he didn’t face any of the troubles.

This is just something that happened to me, who knows what other stories exist. Even in a group of friends, the priority for driving is given to the male driver. And that truly bugs me!

So, did you relate with any? If none, I am proud of you! We were raised with such thoughts and it's not our or anybody’s fault. But we can definitely make a change now. What kind of gender stereotypes have you faced, tell me in the comments section.

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