• Pranjali pawde

Bag packed Love

As the cold breeze waved her hairs, his wish to roll back those two strings of silky black hairs grew. “It’s beautiful tonight, weird, how sky lights up because of the moon at nights but some nights, even without it the sky shines bright”, she gazed at the moonlight and the star-filled sky. “At least none of the days it gets drunk and goes all philosophical like you.” He teased her. It felt like the best moment when they both stood together on the terrace in that cold breezy night, “who knew drunk nights could be so beautiful!” they both wondered. “You are all packed then?” He wished the answer was ‘no’ but he could only hope. “Of course, all check!” she drew a tick in the air imitating ‘Ross’ a character from the popular series F.R.I.E.N.D.S, this made him smile. “Where would I find another Ross fan yar!” he wondered and wished to ask her to stay like Ross did to Rachel and be the lobster of his life. “We aren’t that rare! but not as common as Joey’s fans.” She winked and playfully touched his shoulder. “And this was just a short trip right, a week in Udaipur. It had to end.” they both looked at each other in eyes as if the truth wasn't better than this moment and then looked at opposite sides. The heart wanted the same things but only if life was this easy. A moment of silence filled that sleepless beautiful night for them. Who would say the first word next, they both wondered. ‘maybe I should break the silence’ they both thought. “So..” different minds the same word. “You go first!” she indicated him to speak. “You are bad at cards han, you need to learn a lot!” and they both laughed. “Yes, sure! But you are good at hosting guests and managing this very own backpackers hostel. I loved staying here!” She appraised him and then slightly took a long fresh breath, feeling the love in the air. “All my pleasure mam!” He bowed down to her. “But don’t expect any ratings!” She said while jumping and sitting on the wall of the terrace. She just started to turn to the open side of the terrace when he caught her hand. The moment stopped and they both couldn’t stop looking into each other’s eyes. They could have stayed in that moment forever if a light breeze wouldn’t have disturber a strand of her hairs again. “What.. now you are scared I would fall?” she inquired sweetly whilst keeping the eye contact and that one little strand waving with the wind. “Naa... I’m just scared I wouldn’t get to see your eyes if you turn.” he slowly left her hand and gently put the strand behind her ears. She could not help but look at him in his eyes throughout. She wanted to jump down and hug him tight and tell him what that week brought to her life and how grateful she felt that she got to know him and maybe what she felt for him. He had to break the silence, after all, she was a guest and a bit tipsy. Those days meant a lot to him too but they had a different life and that was a truth which couldn’t be denied. “It’s quite late, we should go to sleep.” he distracted himself and her from their thoughts. She agreed and nodded slightly. They both went to bed that night wondering what could have happened and why they felt so.

The next morning she woke up with a beautiful yet never to be disclosed kind of dream. Noticing the time on the clock she rushed up and hurried to get ready. Once she was all set to leave, she picked up her backpack and stepped down to main office area, where he was just surfing through mobile without actually stopping to glance at any post as if her thoughts distracted him so much that nothing was worth disturbing them except her sweet good morning greeting. He looked up and wished her “good morning to you too”. In a simple attire of black jeans and a red top, she looked exactly how he dreamt of. “Please calculate the due, till then I will just get this bottle filled.” she went straight in the kitchen which was just in the next room. She placed her big bottle down the tap and started observing the kitchen and all those moments they spent together in there while making morning coffee and night Maggi and a blushing smile covered her cheeks. She looked at the fridge filled with magnets and touched them lightly. He loved magnets, she loved seeing them there. She dug in the fanny pack she had on her and pulled out a magnet from it. She placed the magnet on the fridge and left a small note on it, picked up her bottle, and went out. “Rs.300,” he said handing her a printed bill. “She took out some cash from her pocket and handed him the cash.

“ My uber is almost here. I should go.” Saying bye was one of the most difficult jobs for them. “Come again... (after a long pause) will you?” he couldn’t resist asking. She looked at him and simply smiled. When she almost left the building and was about to exit the gate, she said “don’t forget to count the magnets of your fridge!” He waved her bye and after a minute realized the message. He ran towards the kitchen and glanced at the magnets stuck on his fridge. He saw a new addition to his collection, a magnet that read ‘How you doin!’ and he smiled. He went back to catch her but he knew some stories do not end on the airport realizing love, some end in a room with a smile and words that were never said but only felt, and in this case with a magnet on the fridge. After all, it was a beautiful weak not meant to be forever, just like backpacking!

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