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Are they all superheroes?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The whole world is on shutdown, and so is India. With strict lockdown and preventive measures, India is battling hard against Coronavirus (Covid-19). This pandemic has definitely introduced us to newer perspectives and one of the strongest is that the real-life superheroes are doctors, police officials, social workers, and all the medical staff working hard. I do not disagree with it, but a few headlines caught my attention and I was forced to ask, ‘Are they all Superheroes?'

The real condition of India isn’t that good and to be more honest it is actually worse than the media can show. In the spirit of positivity, we many-a-times forget to show the truth and I feel that is what is happening nowadays. No doubt that many health workers and police officials are risking their lives to save our breath, but some are trying to make money or show their power too.

In a small city like Burhanpur, an old lady was found positive. She originally belonged to Malkapur a town in Maharashtra, but she was isolated in a private hospital in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. The lady returned to India in the month of March and as a responsible citizen, tried to get isolated as soon as she felt the need. After 14 days of Isolation, she was tested positive in the 2nd attempt. Questions raised, people asked why she crossed the state borders and became the first positive patient of Burhanpur. To which her reply was clear, she claimed that after requesting many hospitals for admission, only this one allowed her to their isolation ward. The lady has been tested positive second time but no symptom can be seen yet.

After doing a little research and asking around to very few doctors, I could collect that not all private hospitals could isolate corona-suspected patients, but not all government hospitals were allowing them either. Where is a person supposed to seek for health guidance when he is afraid of a deadly virus that may or may not show symptoms?

Another image troubled my thoughts! An image popped up on my social media, the image of a policeman throwing away a vegetable cart, which was full of vegetables and fruits. On this date when finding raw vegetables and earning money through selling them is a really difficult task, a female hawker was trying to sell vegetables in a contaminated area of Mumbai. To which Mumbai police and BMC officials responded with great rage and threw away the cart. After seeing her livelihood drown to dust, the hawker took violence as her path. She shouldn’t have been there to sell the vegetables; I agree but throwing away perfectly good vegetables wasn’t the way to tackle this situation either. They could have opted for another way like the police personnel could have bought the vegetable for local residents, got them sanitized, and could have delivered them with safety.

A recent case of Mumbai, Maharashtra suggests that a police officer who was found positive was not admitted one day before his death. His wife claims that they tried to reach around 3 different hospitals and ended up with the fourth where the 56-year old took his last breath. She also claims that the last hospital only accepted her husband after pressure from superiors. If this is even half true, why isn’t one superhero helping another?

There are many real superheroes working day and night to save hundreds of lives and we are grateful to them. They are truly standing and protecting us against an enemy that can’t be seen or felt. I salute them! But I also request the arrogant, greedy, and selfish people working in these noble professions to support each other in the time of crisis and not give reasons to raise questions like, ‘Are they all really Superheroes?’. Because this is the time, you can be our real superhero.

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