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6 Reasons to say "Thank you Corona!"

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The biggest pandemic of this century has been good in some ways too. And as the world is focussing on the dark bitter side, I choose to bring you a glance of the positive and lighter side. Yes! Covid-19 has forced us to live in seashells and question our existence and country, but did you notice the smile on your family’s face.

For ages, people have only been running, for money, for health and for what not. Terms like ‘peace’ and ‘going slow’ were confined to books, but today, after 4 months of lockdown, we all appreciate these terms and have been trying to live them.

In March when the lockdown was first announced as ‘Janta Curfew’, students were sent back home, offices prepared for #WFH and families stocked up rashan. No one had a clue about what is coming next, some chose to react about it as a 10-day vacation, while others panicked and prepared for a month.

It is August now and I for one can surely say that I do not know when breathing without a mask in public will be common again. As much as this time has effected professions and businesses, it has also done wonders in some ways. Here’s a list of reasons to shout, “Thank You Corona!”:

1. Childhood Summer is back

The most favorite topic of Indian poets after the romance is childhood memories. We all have wished to relive the board games, family dramas, and sibling fights. And some were lucky to experience it during this year’s summer. Even if some of us couldn’t make it to our families in real, we got closer to them via frequent video calls and ‘how to cook’ moments. If it wasn’t for a teeny-tiny virus, we wouldn’t have relieved or created those special family moments.

2. Habits and hobbies

Remember the last time you wished to learn a new skill? Now is the time! During these tough times, some people discovered the joy of learning new skills. Many spent time discovering themselves and going in deep philosophical thoughts about life. The lockdown also gave enough time to work on personality and build new habits. Making it time to be better!

3. Unity in diversity

Haven’t we all heard about India as a country with unity in diversity? But with constant caste, religion, gender, or politics wars, it could be barely believed as true. So, when our honourable Prime Minister, requested to clap and light up for the warriors, the ‘unity in diversity’ of India became crystal clear. It was so clear that other countries were inspired by the actions.

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4. Salute to the warriors

Appreciating a complete profession is not something that happens every day in our country. Thanks to COVID-19, someone other than the media industry was known and recognized for their sacrifices and hard work. Policemen, doctors, nurses, health workers, and many more have been a part of our society for ages, but this year, we have a newfound respect for them and their professions. A big thank you to the selfless ‘Corona-warriors’.

5. Loopholes in the medical system

Corruptions, politics, mismanaged systems are a part of daily news highlights, but any solid steps are rarely taken to correct it. However, this time not only the drenching urge to fix issues was brought into the limelight but steps are also being taken to resolve them. Medical needs, staff needs, and fund needs, all were addressed carefully, and the government did try to take care of it.

6. #GoDigital

Online classes are today’s thing! Youth has been addicted to digital means for years but when lockdown forced companies and schools to work online, a new digital era began. Conference calls, video meetings, online dates, digital classes and exams, a lot is going on in the world with the source of internet.

Jeez! Nobody could think of the conditions that are creating the new normal today. Netflix and chill are a part of daily routine and introverts are willing to be extroverts, whereas extroverts are finding comfort in homes. What new have you learned or discovered in lockdown? We all have by heart learned the words, ‘quarantine’ and ‘tough times’. But what we have learned the most is that no matter how difficult it gets; we humans know to evolve well!

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