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5 reasons why wearing mask is cool!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Face masks or coveralls were a choice back in days, but now it’s a compulsion. Masks are no more the accessories to protect people from pollution, they have become the biggest and cheapest weapon in the battleground with COVID-19. It’s not everyone’s choice but its need for the day. Well, we do not have a choice. But if we are supposed to wear it let’s wear it happily! But before you start opposing the idea of mask for every day, you might want to consider these 5 cool reasons to try them on!

Reason 1: Who is who?

The way girls have been hiding their mischievous face under a stole, it’s now everyone’s turn to play ‘who is who?’ under a mask. You might not even realize the closest person to you under a mask if he/she isn’t carefully observed. Lip all you want and let no one hear, just like listening to whatever you want and letting no one know. It’s pretty cool that way!

Reason 2: Be the hero!

Who are heroes? People who save other’s life! You can be that by just pulling up your mask. Masks are not only for your safety, but they also concern other’s wellness. When you wear a mask, you save hundreds of people from getting infected from any virus that you might contain. Think a bit about others, and change a bit about yourself, that is how you become a hero!

Reason 3: Speak with fashion

Quirky masks are the new trendsetters. Youth have always loved quirky prints on clothing, but clothes have been an expensive deal. Introducing an accessory that you can make easily with almost no cost and style it up as you like; Cloth face masks. You can stitch up a pair of masks and design them as per your wish in less than an hour. And if you like something found on the internet, click on the buy now button!

Reason 4: Smell what you like!

Before today, having your favorite smell near your nose all the time wasn’t that easy. But now face masks have got it all covered. Just apply your chosen scent to your mask and get going. Avoid bad smells and unwanted stinks around you. Just go on enjoying your day with a great mood!

Reason 5: Unite with #Maskforce

You can become a real-life influencer by simply wearing a mask. When people see others wearing masks and taking responsibility, they are encouraged to do so. And if you play your cards right, you can be a hit on social media too. Just take the #MaskForce for an example! If you know what that is you’ll know that masks are a symbol of a responsible citizen and good work. To our benefit, it’s #trending too!

Wearing a mask is a necessity and is also very cool. Remember to wash your mask every day, and if you don’t use a reusable one, dispose of it off properly. Masks are a part of our lives now and it will stay that way for a long period. Let’s accept the fact and always carry an extra in our pockets. Stay safe, stay cool!

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